Crystalline Products

Xypex is the world leader in providing waterproof, chemical-resistant concrete. Xypex C-Series Admix is often referenced by competitors with an additional statement like, "We are like Xypex... but less expensive." Often not even that is true.

Xypex stands alone in waterproofing by crystallization. Xypex is not ammonia stearate, sodium silicate, or talc. Xypex is tested to above 175 PSI on 2000 PSI cores with no measurable leakage (US Army CRD-C-48-73). We have more testing data and projects in place than all competitors combined. See below for detailed independent test results.

When considering a waterproofing admixture, ask yourself:

  • Is it truly “crytalline”?
  • Is it organic or inorganic?
  • Is it non-soluable?
  • Is test data available?
  • Is there a 10 plus year successful usage in this state?
  • Is it permanent?
  • Does it use silicate, stearates or talc?
  • Does it cause set retardation?
  • Does it require doctoring the mix design?
  • Does it change the slump or air?
  • Does it require other admixtures?
  • Does it carry a real material and labor warranty?
  • Is there history of warranty performance?

Independent testing results for crystalline-type product Xypex C-Series Admixture

All engineers who have reviewed the data presented on this page have concluded that no other product is an equal to Xypex. This is obvious after reviewing the test data.

Xypex is not only superior in product performance, but Xypex is also superior in service.

Xypex sells one great product. Because we are so specialized, we are able to provide the support needed when designing waterproof concrete.

Performance Standard

Moisture Vapor
Emission Rate

Performance 100% reduction against 460' water head (200 psi). Approx. 15% increase against control. Improved resistance against: 5-7% sulphuric acid, ammonium sulphate, acetone, chloride penetration and other chemicals. No impact with C-500.
Set retardation available with C-1000 and C-2000.
Substantial improvement in freeze-thaw durability. 36% reduction in water vapor transmission. 30% reduction in coulomb rating.

Test DIN 1048 & others ASTM C 39 ASTM C 267
ASTM C 672 BBA Certificate 05/4216 - Test BS 3177 ASTM C 1202 (modified)

11 independent tests available for review.
Control leaked through 120mm samples - 4% Xypex-treated samples had 0mm of water penetration.
9 independent tests available for review. 9 independent tests available for review.
2 independent tests available for review. 1 independent test available for review. This result based on testing by University of New South Wales using a modified ASTM C 1202.

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