Field Service

Our motto is “Being There.” We pride ourselves on being fully involved throughout the process, from initial design to completion. This insures that Xypex is designed and implemented correctly. We provide assistance in the following areas.


We have teamed up with hundreds of Architects, Engineers and Contractors to design waterproof concrete. We have many years of experience in waterproofing concrete. We know what works and what doesn’t. We have drawn hundreds of details to make sure that the structure being designed is completely waterproof.

We can review plans and provide recommendations. Depending on the environment, we can also provide proper mix design to achieve waterproof and chemical resistant concrete.


We track the project through the bidding process to all General and Concrete Contractors. We know how to bid Xypex. We work with the ready mix suppliers to insure they are quoting the best price possible.


We are onsite in the beginning and throughout the construction process. We visit the ready mix supplier to insure Xypex is being added correctly.

We can also come onsite and train crews to use Xypex products to repair leaking concrete.

10 Year Warranty

We have a team ready to respond to any warranty issue within 24 hours. Xypex is an amazing product, and our service is equally amazing. Our projects are warranted for 10 years. We provide product and labor if a warranty issue comes up.