Product Features

Xypex crystalline waterproofing has been used in thousands of projects throughout the world. Xypex has set the standard for intregal waterproofing for the last 40 years.

Xypex has gained a reputation as an effective product, and is specified over and over again by engineers and architects who realize the advantages of designing with truly waterproof concrete.

Because Xypex has set the standard, various manufacturers have made claims that their product is as good as Xypex. They do this because Xypex has set the high standard, and thus being equal to Xypex is very desirable.

However, through thousands of projects and hundreds of tests, Xypex has been proven to outperform other products in critical situations.

It's easy to claim in marketing brochures that a product is equal to Xypex. However, those claims cannot be backed up with independent testing. Engineers and architects continually reject other products as being equal to Xypex.

The comparitive information in this section will provide test results and data from various projects. As you will see, Xypex has an extensive database of independent tests conducted throughout the world. These tests show a consistency of Xypex’s ability to make concrete better.

Beyond Xypex being a superior product, we provide superior service. When you design with Xypex, your project is backed up by our 10-Year Watertight Warranty.

There are other crystalline waterproofing products out there, but we recommend designing with the proven leader in crystalline waterproofing, XYPEX.

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Product Features Chart
Features & Benefits Xypex
Resistant to permeability
at 200 PSI
15%+ gain in
compressive strength
Crack sealing
Highly chemical resistant
Characterized by ACI as a
"waterproofing admixture"
Green Spec listed
LEED credits
Reduction in chloride
ion penetration
Technical support
at no additional cost
10 Year Watertight Warranty
at no additional cost