Surface Application

Since the beginning of time, erosion has been grinding our toughest building materials to dust. The building's foundation wages a constant battle to keep water out. Xypex, being a through-and-through concrete enhancement, resists these erosive processes by making the concrete stronger, more durable and dense.

For a small fraction of the cost of new construction, a significant extension of structural service life can be expected.

The Battle
Step 1 - The Battle

Snow and ice, wet dirt, groundwater -- foundations are exposed to many sources of water and moisture. Problems are often made worse by poor drainage, faulty gutters, and sprinklers.

The Water Leaks In
Step 2 - The Water Leaks In

Floor-wall cold joints, cracks, tie holes, capillaries, bleed paths, degrading tar coats, torn or delaminating membranes -- water finds many ways to get through concrete.

Applying The Cure
Step 3 - Applying The Cure

Applied from the inside or the outside, to new or old conrete, XYPEX reacts with concrete byproducts to cause integral waterproofing.
Crystallization Begins
Step 4 - Crystallization Begins

XYPEX causes a quartz-like dendritic crystalline structure to form within the capillary system of the concrete. It becomes a part of the concrete, not just a sealer that's stuck on the surface.
Water Leaks Are Stopped
Step 5 - Water Leaks Are Stopped

XYPEX crystals fill all water paths through concrete. The crystals continue to develop in the concrete over time, blocking new water paths that develop, even years after application. The concrete "heals" itself.
Step 6 - Dynamic--Integral--Permanent

Over time, the XYPEX-catalyzed crystal growth forms a waterproof matrix throughout the entire interior of the foundation. Given enough time, the crystals will penetrate the entire mass of concrete. New cracks, should any form, will be sealed in an ongoing, dynamic process.