10 Year Warranty

Xypex has been the industry leader in integral waterproofing for over 40 years. Xypex has been utilized in numerous waterproofing applications across the globe.

Designing a structure to be truly leak free can be a tremendous challenge. Xypex Integral Waterproofing has many advantages compared to traditional waterproofing membranes or coatings.

Throughout the years that Xypex has been waterproofing structures, it has acquired a well-deserved reputation for producing an effective product. Many other product manufacturers have seen Xypex’s success and tried to duplicate it. However, they and many others have learned that Xypex is unique, and no product to date has been able to match the specifications of Xypex.

When designing a project with Xypex in mind, you can be confident that you are going to get a truly watertight structure. In fact you can be 100% confident, because we provide a 100% Watertight Warranty on all structures designed with Xypex admix.

Specifically, we can guarantee:

  • A 10-Year water tight warranty (if it leaks, we fix it).
  • A 10-Year full labor and materials warranty.
  • We don’t subcontract the labor, we provide the labor ourselves. This insures a fast, quality repair if one becomes necessary.
  • A copy of the warranty is provided to the Owner after completion of the project.

We can offer this kind of warranty because we use the highest quality product available: XYPEX.