Xypex Admix

IMX Technologies will guarantee concrete against leaking cracks for ten years - Click Here for warranty information.

Concrete, by its very nature, lies open to the persistent challenges of water, chemicals and a wide variety of harsh environments. Xypex Admix meets these challenges before they become problems by reducing concrete's permeability and enhancing its durability, right from the start.

True integral waterproofing

Xypex Admix is a specialty product that is blended into the concrete at the time of batching. It outperforms other methods because of its unique ability to become a truly integral part of the concrete matrix. Utilizing Xypex's world-renowned crystalline technology, Xypex Admix seals the primary paths by which water and aggressive chemicals penetrate, attack, and ultimately threaten the long-term integrity of the concrete structure.

Xypex Admix Advantages
Integral Technology
Xypex's unique crystallization process
Becomes part of the concrete matrix
Seals micro-cracks
Wide Performance Capabilities
Resists extreme hydrostatic pressure and chemical attack
Prevents freeze-thaw damage
Enhances durability
Quality Control
Thorough independent testing to world standards
Extensive research and in-house analysis
Technical support, field analysis and site supervision
Quality Assurance Management System - ISO 9001
Value Engineering
Increases flexibility in construction scheduling
Not subject to climatic restraints
No adverse effect on mix design
Easy and less costly to install

Design Friendly

Xypex Admix will not adversely affect the strength, slump, air entrainment or workability of the concrete as formulated in the mix design. With Xypex Admix inside, concrete is still handled, placed, finished and cured as usual. In other words, concrete containing Xypex Admix still behaves like concrete.

Living Up to Expectations

Xypex Admix's high performance standards have resulted in customer expectations that are equally high. Our unwavering commitment to quality is our way of managing these expectations.

Proof in the Lab

Xypex Admix has been thoroughly tested in independent labs throughout the world and according to international standards. Permeability, chemical resistance, compressive strength, freeze-thaw durability, potable water and other tests, all concluded positive results.

Proof in the Field

From major projects like the Panama Canal and the Pennsylvania Turnpike, to modest backyard swimming pools, Xypex Admix has consistently lived up to expectations.

Strength in Numbers

Xypex Admix is part of the Xypex Concrete Water­proofing and Protection System which also includes Xypex Coatings, Dry Shake and Repair products. This total system provides the product flexibility needed to realize the full potential of a Value Engineered concrete waterproofing strategy and the most appropriate and cost effective solution.

Pores, Capillary Tracts & Micro-Cracks

Xypex Admix is a cementitious, dry powder compound containing various active chemicals that take advantage of the inherent porous and chemical characteristics of concrete. These proprietary chemicals react with moisture and the natural chemical by-products of cement hydration to produce a non-soluble crystalline structure that becomes an integral part of the concrete matrix. Pores and capillary tracts are blocked, micro-cracks are sealed, and the concrete becomes impermeable to water and other liquids.

More Muscle, More Value

Xypex Admix simply has more performance muscle than other products in its field.

  • Throughout the matrix - Xypex Admix is present and active throughout the entire concrete matrix from the moment it's poured.
  • Greater permeability control - Xypex Admix meets the challenges of concrete permeability by sealing the concrete against water penetration, and it does so from any direction, even when water is under an extreme head of pressure.
  • Enhancing durability - Because Xypex controls permeability, it is an important link to greater durability - the long-term structural integrity, protective capacity and aesthetic qualities of the concrete. By preventing the penetration of aggressive chemicals, Xypex Admix helps control the problems of sulphate attack, leaching, alkali-aggregate reaction, carbonation, and corrosion. Xypex Admix also offsets deterioration problems caused by freeze-thaw cycles, wetting and drying, and temperature changes. More muscle. More value.

Inside for the Long Haul

A product for the long haul, Xypex Admix can be trusted to perform to original specifications throughout the life of the concrete. Even when changing conditions affect the concrete structure, Xypex Admix will reactivate to water­proof and protect it.

Xypex Admix

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