Xypex Specifications

Short Specification


  1. ADMIXTURE shall be Xypex C-500, C-1000 or C-2000, as supplied by Xypex Chemical Corporation, through IMX Technologies or approved equal. This Admixture shall be a dry powder compound consisting of Portland cement, very fine treated silica sand and various active proprietary chemicals. Xypex causes a catalytic reaction that generates a non-soluble crystalline formation of dendritic fibers within the matrix of the concrete, permanently sealing the concrete from the penetration of liquids and chemicals.
    Product shall meet the following criteria:

    1. Chemically Resistant for pH Levels of 3 to 11 constant contact and pH Levels of 2 to 12 periodic contact per ASTM C267-77, ASTM C672-76.
    2. Potable Water Approved per National Safety Foundation (ANSI/NSF) 61.
    3. Freeze-Thaw and De-icing Chemical Resistance per ASTM C672-76.
    4. Radiation Resistance per USANI N69-1967.
    5. Crack Sealing ability for re-sealing cracks up to .04 mm (1/64”) per ASTM C856-88.
    6. Withstand 175 PSI water pressure penetration test per U.S. Army Corps of Engineers CRD-C-48-73.
    7. Concrete Admixture shall not decrease the compressive strength of the concrete mix design (28 day compressive strength test), ASTM C 39/C 39M.
    8. Crystalline Waterproofing Manufacturer shall have a minimum 10 years history manufacturing crystalline waterproofing products.
    9. Concrete Batch Plant Operators shall be Certified by Manufacturer in the mixing and use of Crystalline Waterproofing Products.
    10. Shall provide a ten year watertight warranty per Manufacturer or Manufacturers Representative.*
  2. ALTERNATE to Xypex Admixture; Contractor may submit an alternate product or method of construction to Architect/Engineer, for review and approval. Product and/or methods shall be evaluated as per the above specifications.

*See http://imxtechnologies.com/warranty.html.

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